I hope everyone reads this. Everyone.

I'm going to vent:

I may be black, and I may be darker than most other people, but I am not a "nigga" and I am certainly not ugly.

I am beautiful the way I am, and I love myself

I have beautiful brown eyes that shine like bronze in the sun, a smile that lights up a room and the personality that will make you love me.

I am so much more than my skin tone.

I'm sorry that I wasn't born Caucasian, blonde, tanned, and skinny. I was born dark, curly/thick haired and athletic with a petite frame.
I will not respond to being called a "nigga" or a "spook" or "porch monkey"
Racism is still in our society and it is not ok. I'm not ok with it. You shouldn't be either.

Stereotypes and double standards hurt people. Don't make assumptions because of what you heard about people who are the same race as me. There are plenty of white men who are serial killers, but no one looks at a white man on the street and think he is. Yet, when someone sees a young black man, they assume he's a theif, drug dealer and a thug with a gun at his waist.

The same for girls, the assumption that all asian girls are super smart and nerdy love Hellokitty and techno and get A's in everything. My best friend is asian and she aced french but failed Chinese in school and she hates techno, and thinks Hellokitty is a joke. Ironically enough, she speaks it! Black women are not all angry at the world and want to seek revenge for everyone who looks at them the wrong way, or has the need to yell in public and hit her child. Hispanic women are not baby machines looking for ways to scam people in America and not all of them are illegal or immigrants. There are some really hard working hispanic women with beautiful families who just want what they deserve: a beautiful livelihood and a chance to make it here. Finally, not all caucasian women are angels. Casey Anthony made sure we knocked they stereotype off the shelf.

And the whole gay controversy?! Don't even get me started! Gays are not evil, they're not going to hell and they're not a cancer to the public society! Homosexuals are just as fit to raise kids as heterosexuals (even more so). 2 gays raising a kid will not make them gay, because didn't it take a heterosexual couple to make a homosexual person?! Just a thought. If anything, I vote we need more homosexuals in the world!

This is nonsense. We should be waaaay past this! All of the stereotypes in the world keep piling up and it's nonsense.

What happened to judging people based on their character, instead of what they look like?

Ok, I'm done.

Please love yourselves for who you are, and love how you look. No one should be able to change your self esteem: esteem of yourself.
If your friends and family and loved ones can accept you and your faults, scars, imperfections and so forth, you can accept yourself and the world can accept you.